Highlands 5 Steps to Preparing to Win
Highlands 5 Step Win Plan ™

1. Understand your clients business.
  • Understand how your client goes to market, and what is their market place.
  • Read their Annual Report.
  • Know how much revenue and profit they earn per minute.
  • Become familiar with their EPS for the last 4 quarters as an average.
  • Recite the company’s key strategy for success and growth for the next 5 years.
  • Key message of the Chairman and CEO.

2. Committed to your clients success.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to their success in their market.
  • Place them first.
  • Show how you impact client business in terms of financial gains, productivity, efficiencies, and market growth.
  • Demonstrate a vivid and contagious passion for them and their business.
  • Genuine empathy for the client when things are difficult.

3. Be a Team Player
  • Be a team player with the clients team, don’t look to make points. Make them look great, not just good.
  • Be a team player for your team, make your team look great, it’s not about you, its all about your team.
  • Be a united company / team. Don’t let your team be divided.

4. Leadership
  • Be fair.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Make the tough decisions.
  • Have a conviction.
  • Be bold with knowledge.
  • Take smart Risks.

5. Confidence
  • Believe in yourself with outrageous confidence.
  • Self-prophesize the win. The more you see it, the more it will happen.
  • Start with the end goal of winning and work backwards to what you need to do next.
  • Go back to “Understand your client”…and when all of the above is true.

  • Each transaction has a unique moment in time to close. Seize the moment and close the transaction at that unique time. Once it has passed it is difficult to rebuild back that momentum. Using the clients cost or impact of delaying the decision will help you find that unique moment in closure.