Highlands Programs
Highlands Negotiations consists of a group of subject matter expert coaches that are committed and dedicated to building upon our client’s success. We strongly believe that both the company and employees of our clients can achieve far greater results in their performance once they take control of their own corporate and personal destiny.
Changing our behavior and thinking like the client is paramount to overachieving in today’s business market place. Working harder does not always work.  There are only so many hours per day.  Being the lowest bidder does not necessarily mean you will win. Working smarter and working through the eyes of the client will yield significant wins for your company.

The following programs are the most common subject matters that Highlands addresses in the workplace today.
Client Quote: 
“ Highlands fundamentally changed our view of the client within 1 business day which I did not think was even possible. If we had not taken the time to step back and review our actions with the Highlands Team, I am not sure we would have secured the opportunity that we had committed to our board. Highlands took us from unsure of our position to extraordinary courage and conviction”
-       Senior Executive of a global Technology company.

Highland Programs
  • Client Focused Sales Coaching
    • Understanding the difference between solution selling and client based questioning to better understand the clients business issues and leading the client with grace.
  • 1st Line Manager Leadership Coaching
    • Enabling 1st Line Mangers to exceed their corporate goals and adjust to the complexity and often difficulty of being a 1st Line Manager.
  • Client Team Opportunity Coaching
    • Coaching a “team” that is focused on a client sales opportunity and assisting with the development of the sales strategy. In this program we discover core business issues of your client and build value propositions that reflect back to the client your understanding of the business issues in their business words and references. In the conclusion of the workshops, your team will be guided into developing a ROI that shows your client the business benefits of your selling solution or services and the financial benefits to your client in terms of their profitability, EPS, revenue growth and market share.
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
    • Being an external executive coach to help build and develop business objectives without the emotional connection of the company politics.
    • Coach executives in building their confidence to manage the complexities of balancing home and business in their role as an executive.
  • Complex Sales Negotiation Coaching
    • Developing the negotiation strategy for a client negotiation engagement with the sales team using the Highlands Power of 1™. How to manage client tactics, leverage and demonstrate your unique value to enable a stronger negotiation position that yields greater revenues for your company and to close the transaction faster.
  • General Sales Negotiation Training and Coaching
    • Teaching and Coaching sales teams in the principles and applications in How to negotiate more effectively with your client.  This program covers the required behavioral changes and leadership as an individual to be more successful in your negotiations.
  • Business Transformation Consulting
    • Highlands performs a root cause analysis of the business issues you wish to address. Lead in interviewing company personal to understand the inner perception of the organization. Working with your executive team to present and develop strategies in how you transform your business to meet shareholder value and board direction.
    Highlands programs are customized to meet the cultural and dynamic business environments of our North American and International clients. All client engagements are private and confidential to the client. Non Disclosure Agreements are encouraged by Highlands for all client activity.