Highlands Client Testimonials

Client Quotes

“ Highlands fundamentally changed our view of the client within 1 business day which I did not think was even possible. If we had not taken the time to step back and review our actions with the Highlands Team, I am not sure we would have secured the opportunity that we had committed to our board. Highlands took us from unsure of our position to extraordinary courage and conviction”
- Senior Executive of a global Technology company.

” When we first met Highlands….we had new insights to say the least in the first meeting. We engaged with Highlands based on the fact that Highlands new more about us than some of our own team knew about ourselves and our business. Highlands asked 1 simple question of my team in the first 5 minutes of the workshop…..and my team could not answer it…..and Highlands could….and it was about our client”
- Vice President Operations of an Aerospace Company

“We had met a lot of industry leading consultants from a variety of firms. Highlands  name had come up and we met with them. We discussed an opportunity that we have been working on. Highlands made a suggestion that no one else has done before. We tried it and it worked very well. We since hired them for special projects and they provide us with excellent results”
- Director Global Sales of a Pharmaceutical Company

“Being a Chinese company we had to think about the introduction of Highlands and how it would impact our management team and our sellers. Highlands took the time to understand us. They don’t just say this, they really do it. We are used to looking at our market and our clients our way. Highlands showed us that we could improve our revenues dramatically if we looked at our clients in the clients way. Investing in Highlands has been one of my best moves as an executive to date.”

作为一家中国公司,我们应当考虑,引进 Highlands 会如何影响我们的管理团队及销售人员。 Highlands 真正花费时间来了解我们,他们不只是说,并且能够切实做到。我们习惯于用自己的眼光去面对客户及市场,但是 Highlands 告诉我们:如果能从客户的角度来研发市场,就会显著提高我们的收益。总之,作为一名管理者,选择与 Highlands 合作,将是我们最明智的决定。
- Senior Executive Communications Sector

“When I met Highlands and attended a workshop to help our top sellers achieve results, I did not expect to see them take apart our deals to such levels of detail and rebuild them in such a way that they now made real business sense. They effectively helped us bring in a substantial amount of new revenues from this workshop in the next quarter.”
- CFO, USA Sciences Organization

“I did not know what a Forensic Accountant was or did until I met Highlands. Highlands showed us how our transaction looked from a mathematical point of view as a Forensic accountant would view it from a clients perspective. It made all the difference in us being able to close the sale now versus 6 months from now and for a great deal more revenue.”
- Vice President of a Technology Company