Why Highlands

One of the issues we see in the market place was sellers and mangers which included seasoned senior executives, all having difficulty when it came to articulating their true business value with clients. It was almost like the client made it so difficult for the sales organization to be able to explain with business respect why their  client chose to work with them in the first place.
A great example of this was with one of our clients who had an automotive manufacturer for a client in Europe. They where being told that they had to reduce the costs of their solution and services by a substantial  amount of financial value if they wanted to continue to do business with the automotive manufacturer.
Initially our client was under significant pressure to meet the demands of the automotive manufacturer and reduce their financial value revenues to maintain the business. In other words reduce your sales price “big” time.
However once Highlands understood what our clients solution and services did for the automotive manufacture in terms of new business for the new generation of vehicles, for new markets that would be created  which all meant new revenues. We then worked out how much new revenue we could articulate to each new car produced and how much new revenue they would lose each minute they would wait by demanding a reduction in the sales price from our client, that now our client could prove they did not need to give.
Our client was able to come to an agreement whereas both parties came out of this with business benefits and that they both had a renewed business respect. Business respect is a term that Highlands developed which indicates the level of respect between two business organizations versus it being a personally based respect.
We see this issue of client demands for reducing sales prices taking place in multiple areas of the market place today. We see it in the aerospace industry, pharmaceutical, retail, insurance, banking and many more to mention that the list would be substantial.
Highlands Negotiations LLC is a company that is focused on our clients success to help them be able to articulate their unique value back to their clients in such a way that it naturally allows our client to defend their selling investment price to their clients with Business Respect.
Why Highlands