Highlands Code of Conduct
  1. Treat each person, as we would want to be treated.
  2. Be faithful in our commitment to our client.
  3. Do the right thing by our client each and every time.
  4. Conduct ourselves with the highest level of moral ethics.
  5. Provide excellence in all of our services.
  6. Give back to our community in time and resources.
  7. Maintain confidence in all of our dealings.

Highlands Philosophy
Highlands Negotiations believes in conducting fair and balanced training and consulting engagements with our clients. We do not believe in negative tactics when it comes to client negotiations. We use the framework of outstanding preparation and being a united team when working with our clients.
We embrace each client as if it was our own company that we are assisting.  Client comes first is our mantra and thinking like the client comes natural to us.
Today’s business has become highly complex and global in nature. Our goal is to help you make your complex business easier to understand and navigate in your pursuit of building a highly dynamic and successful organization.