"we match your sales DNA with your client's DNA to increase your sales success"

Highlands Negotiations has been helping medium to large global enterprises better understand the sales behavior and challenges of their sales force in today's highly complex business environments.

We provide feedback to both the sales teams and the executive teams with integrity to the reality of the situation. This may be harsh but if we don't communicate properly and clearly we are not providing you true value. In today's business environment, group agreement and the risk of stating business issues as they truly are, creates a narrative that is misleading to all parties. The fear of risk paralyzes decision making and it impacts the whole organization. This leads to bad deals being conducted. As a result sales teams fail by default, the executive team feel let down and the shareholders become frustrated.

When we deliver the veracity of the situation, we also provide you real and tangible answers in how to fix the sales issues. We understand sales and client's DNA to the point that we help clear out all the fog.

Clients may trust your solution, they may trust you as a company and they may trust your sellers. But until they are ready for business change and recognize that the risk of change is less than the risk of doing nothing, they won't move. We help you and your teams get past this.

Contact us either in our London or Dallas offices, we would love to help you with opportunities that may need an outside view looking in.