Building Retail Operations to Success

One of the biggest issues that most retail operations experience today is how the Customer is serviced when they walk trough the store doors.

Does your staff sell to your Customer or do they take the time to service them and truly understand their needs and work with them as a consultant versus a selling clerk?

  • Do they smile with your customers?
  • Do they treat them with respect?
  • Do they know their name within 1 minute of entering your retail establishment.
  • Do they know how to engage the customer without coming off as a pushy salesperson?
  • Does your customer walk out feeling that they had been serviced with excellence and can't wait to come back again?

Human Capital is one of the most challenging aspects of running any organization but it is much more acutely notice able in the Retail Marketplace. Human Capital in retail must have a natural love for people and a spirit of servitude. Without this your retail organization will not meet the financial destiny you desire.

Highlands understands this business issue and we have developed custom training programs that focus on building human capital in the retail marketplace. Out programs enables your staff to understand the incredible impact they have on the customer and what happens when they engage a customer as a person and not as a selling opportunity.

Highlands also helps retail organizations understand better how to build their organization to meet its destiny with the following consultative services:

  • Expansion Strategy  / New Store Opening
  • Store Front
  • Acquisition Consulting
  • Planning and Execution  
  • Back Office Processes
  • Back Office Enablement via the Cloud (Sales, Inventory and Accounting Systems) 
  • Sales Technique Training  
  • Website Operations