Highlands Forensic Reminder Card™

1. Have you read the Chairman’s message?
2. Look at last 4 quarters and understand the Client’s Math.
3. What is their EPS today?
4. Have you done Highlands Power of 1™ ?
5. Use the EPS equation to demonstrate your value.
6. Are you thinking like a CFO or salesman?
7. Be bold – but be smart. Preparation makes all the Difference.

EPS Methodology

  1. Divide net income by total client shares
  2. Divide total solution cost by total # of Client Shares
  3. Equals cost of doing business per EPS

EPS Impact

  1.  Net Income / Shares = EPS
  2.  Real Cash Flow / Shares = real cash EPS
  3.  Contract Price / Shares = cents per share

Highlands Forensic Programs are led by Chris Dellinges.