Copper-Pennies-Macro Highlands Coaching Reminders, are areas to focus on when you are coaching your team around an opportunity that you are trying to close with a client.

Highlands Coaching Reminders™

1. How does the client make money?
2. What business problem does the client need to solve?
3. Does your solution solve the client’s business problem?
4. What is the cost of doing nothing?
5. What other choices does the client have?
6. Have you done an ROI?
7. Can you demonstrate the Power of 1™

Highlands Power of 1™
If you increase the productivity of each employee by 1
Minute, What will the value be to the client?
  1. Total client revenue / Total employees = Revenue per employee
  2. Revenue per employee / 1920 = Revenue per employee per hour
  3. Revenue per hour / 60 = Revenue per employee per minute

* 1920 = 48 weeks per year x 40 hours per week

Clients want to be challenged when you use sound business logic.