What is Value

At Highlands we are asked this question more than any other question……when coaching and helping build a value proposition for all types of market places. I almost always answer the same way as in "What is value to your client?" It is here where we get ourselves all tied up in your perception of value versus their perception of value.

Some examples of value from different sectors may be as follows:

When dealing with Food and Beverage clients they may see more value in the impact to production of their products as a per bottle or in units of how many bottles per minute etc.

In mining, your value proposition may be in how many cubic feet of raw earth you can process per minute / per hour.

In transportation you may think about how you impact logistics in a value of time and money while at the same time how you impact the flow of transportation and how it impacts load pick ups and deliveries.

In pharmaceutical opportunities your value statement may include how much faster you can help a pharmaceutical company develop, test and bring to market a new drug that impacts the lives of so many and that time to market can have a qualifiable dollar value that is of value to the pharmaceutical organization.

Value can also be the peace of mind that comes by being partnered and committed to your organization. Never underestimate the value of your brand and offerings. If the client suggests that "anyone" can supply your services then let them choose anyone. Remind them with grace that all decisions have consequences. You and your team are confident that you provide positive and profitable consequences to your clients.

Value can also be seen in your behavior and how you conduct yourself with the client. It is not always about price. It can be about new markets, joint ventures, new product enhancements, new products, new services and this list can go on for some time. Don't under estimate your value as a person as many companies place business services with your company because of you.

Value is truly defined by the client and the value of that is critical to your success when you capture the real business value your client seeks. What you provide and offer just so happens to be a means to an end for your client to meet their business objectives.

Highlands is committed to helping you and your team discover your unique value proposition that you need to demonstrate to your audience to ensure timely and early closure of the transaction and meet your quarterly demands.

Highlands has helped many organizations and people come to better understand their real business value to another organization or persons.

As always we wish you and your teams every success in every transaction you do.