Taking Market Place Share – Grow your Market Base Strategically

Growth is the number one issue that most companies face today. How are we going to grow our client base and increase our revenues? Just as importantly how do we grow our market space without incurring a significantly increased cost of doing business.

In todays market the recognized way to improve market share is done in one of two ways. Either through organic growth or through acquisitions and mergers.

There is a third way that has not been properly explored. With today’s market pressures, businesses are more than ready to undertake a profoundly new way to grow market share. This can be achieved through the strategic teaming between competitors: take a select group of individuals from each company and agree on a strategy to work together on select account to drive joint wins

The benefits of this approach are significant and are worthy of being evaluated. Keep in mind this approach takes an unshakeable reserve of character and confidence in both organizations.
Some of the obvious benefits are; cost of doing business, the combined organizations will now have a more capable sales team, the separate business cost of bidding can be reduced and the unique business value is greater as a team versus 2 independent companies trying to secure a new or existing client’s business.

Clearly this is a game changer that clients will not see coming. The business benefits to the client will be significant while at the same time the negotiation process has changed too. The client will be hard pressed to use the normal competitive landscape to their benefit. Now the negotiation will be more focused on the business benefits to the client and it should remove a significant amount of the traditional buyer / procurement style of negotiations based on dollars versus negotiating on outputs to the business.

Highlands is uniquely positioned to offer highly specialized and fully customized workshops for your business to plan and prepare for their next level of market share growth.