Guy Lloyd
Vice President and Director of Consulting and Transformational Services, EMEA & UK

Guy has 25 plus years in leadership of top producing technology sales teams across Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East and the UK.
For several years Guy has been working on coaching programs around “value based agreements” whereas two organizations come together and agree to work together for a common goal and win within a specific marketplace. As Guy explains “for this to be a win and a success they both need to feel good about their compromises and positions for a successful teaming to take place”.
Guy has been privileged to work in senior leadership roles with Microsoft, Juniper and IBM. In particular with IBM Guy led IBM in Eastern Europe to success through his passion and commitment to merge teams together that necessarily would not think of being a team.
Guy, besides being very focused on details and profits has a passion for helping organizations that are non profit based and commits a portion of his time to help these non profit companies be successful.
Guy has had the privilege to work and live with his family internationally and spent time in the USA. His time in the states compliments his sound and strong base of doing the right thing and developing people to be the best they can be.
Guy received his Bsc (Hons) from University of Birmingham. Today Guy and his wife are based out of Surrey, England and are enjoying a quieter house as the kids are off to university in Northern England.