Chris J. Dellinges, CPA
Chief Forensic Accountant
Mr. Dellinges is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in Texas and New Mexico since 1977. He received a BBA degree from College of the Southwest in New Mexico and attended Texas Wesleyan School of Law.

Mr. Dellinges has owned and operated CPA practices in Dallas and Plano for over 35 years. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States representing  USA businesses and individuals in complex tax matters and litigation support. He is a recognized expert witness in areas of tax,  forensics and business litigation.

He is frequently called upon to provide expert advice concerning legal cases before the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice.  He serves as an expert in providing data and forensic accounting and testifies in criminal, bankruptcy, business disputes and other DOJ cases.

Mr. Dellinges has served as the Chief Financial Officer for USA companies, sits on the Board of Directors of public and private organizations. He has negotiated the acquisition and divestiture of companies in the United States and Europe.
Mr. Dellinges served proudly with the United States Army from 1966 to 1790 and was discharged with Honors and is the recipient of the Bronze Star for heroism.

Mr. Dellinges currently resides in North Dallas, Texas and serves in his community and focuses on helping his local community to be a safer and financially stable place to live and work.