Highlands is a niche consulting company founded in Dallas, Texas that is focused on helping organizations increase their revenues and sales activity.

How we do this is by helping you as a company better understand the intrinsic value you offer to your clients so that your products and services become of a unique and tangible value to the prospective client and present clients instead of being viewed as a commodity or of lesser than its real value which damages your position when you are in your negotiations or communications with a prospect or client.
We focus so much on our clients that some of our clients employees think we are employees and not consultants. It does not matter what industry you are in, what location you serve. We will come to you and we take the time to get to know you and understand your industry or market place that you are trying to better position you and your sales force.
Our work takes us to understand the vision and mission of the Chief Executive Officer and when appropriate meet the C level direct reporting teams and understand the issues and barriers that they are facing and challenged with each day and how this may impact the company and the shareholders.
Highlands spends most of its time working with middle management in many organizations, as they have some of the biggest hurdles in meeting the demands of the business from a sales and operational side of doing good business, while growing revenue and meeting quarterly sales objectives. This sometimes takes us to work hand in hand with sellers and managers who are faced with the daily reality of selling to clients, and work with them to appreciate their view of the company challenges that they face.
Our goal is to help companies in real time, not long protracted engagements that lead to the next level of activity. It only takes us a very short time to get engaged with your teams.
Some of our engagements are 2 to 3 days long while others can be as long as a few months. In all of our activities we are able to help and advise how to move forward with your client activity to meet the goals of your company while at the same time trying to satisfy the demands of the clients, in a relatively short period of time.
Highlands engagements have taken us to work actively in the United States, China, Asia, Europe, Australia and South America. We are delighted to have a global client base and recognize that our success is based upon the fact that we do not think about ourselves, but we think about our clients.