Highlands Bios (John Handscomb)
John Handscomb is the Founder and CEO with Highlands Negotiations LLC. Previous to Highlands Negotiations, John was the Vice President of International Operations for K&R Negotiation Associates.  John has over 30 years of experience in sales and sales management.  He has worked and lived internationally for United States companies that operate in Canada, Japan, China, Middle East, and Europe.  In all his roles, John has been involved in complex negotiations that produced significant success.
Today John works with a variety of industry leaders in areas such as  technology companies, food and beverage organizations, telecom organizations and government agencies across the globe. Today his programs for knowledge engineering is used by business and government organizations to better understand the results that are being asked of the teams that use his IP.
John is a leader in questioning and interview techniques and is called upon to help organizations and agencies to assist in the  discovery of business issues or business challenges they may be faced with.
Before consulting with K&R, John worked within OEM organizations serving the emerging Internet software and services marketplace. He worked for Internet software companies that played a part in B2B, collaborative e-Business applications, and Internet technology.  John was Managing Director for Quova B.V., a leading IP tracing organization , Chief Operations Officer for
acequote.com, a pioneer in consulting services for hire by using auctions via the web, Vice President of EMEA with Optika UK, a highly successful workflow and business logic organization, and a Director with Al-Faris Technologies, a significantly successful Business Partner to USA based Technology Companies wanting to do business in the Middle East, located in Kuwait.
John has achieved success with each venture by building sales teams that deliver qualified opportunities from prospect to customer and understands what it takes to move the client from prospect to a buying client.
In particular for the last few years John has been focused on leading programs that reflect on “changing our behavior” to meet client business results that solve client business problems that are focused on the client and by applying business logic in the process.
John was born in Glasgow, Scotland, raised in Nairobi, Kenya and Canada.  John immigrated to the USA in December of 2005, and commutes between Dallas, TX and Beijing, China.