Highlands Negotiations

Highlands Negotiations is a unique consulting company that helps engagement teams and management teams of business organizations, government organizations when they need to build and develop an end user / prospect / client base or also called "an audience" a value proposition to demonstrate to their audience that they understand the audience's unique business problem and can solve that business problem.

If the engagement facing teams and management are not aligned and working as a team in front of their audience, it can have a substantial impact with your strategy for success. When engagement teams and the management teams are working as one united unit it will have a profound and significant impact on your business / government growth including new revenues and positive quarterly results.

Highlands helps organizations review the products and service offerings that they are selling or promoting to assist them in the creation of meaningful value statements that reflect the value back to the audience that will want the products or services, and that these statements are communicated in a meaningful way that it makes sense to the audience.

We generally find these are the most common issues companies and organizations struggle to communicate effectively:

  • What is the clients motivations to buy from you?
  • How does your service or product help the client financially benefit from your service or product?
  • How do you impact the clients business goals / revenues and profits?
  • What is the clients ROI to buy from you"
  • Do we really know the client and understand their buying behavior criteria?

Highlands will help your teams understand what it takes to enable positive and impactful ROI statements and build long lasting business relationships. How to build an ROI that is so dramatic that it reduces the buying process significantly in your favor. How to close faster and manage client objections with grace.

Highlands is committed to assisting you in reaching your revenue excellence through value based discussions between you and your audience.

Highlands also believes strongly that your audience, your clients, end users want to be educated by you so they make an informed and intelligent decision with you.

Achieving your destiny of success is based upon your actions, your words and the determination to succeed. If you think small you will be rewarded small, if you think huge and be bold, you will be rewarded with huge success.

“Remember you have power with your words and that what you say will come to be true”.

We look forward to helping you and your company be outrageously successful in your goals for growth.